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The Sheriff of Bullet Valley

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  • "The Sheriff of Bullet Valley"

  • Production Year Limited 2009
  • 7.75 inches tall
  • Dewey (Donald Duck's nephew)
    Donald Duck
    Huey (Donald Duck's nephew)
    Louie (Donald Duck's nephew)

  • Sheriff of Bullet Valley, The (comic book)

  • Walt Disney Classics Collection

  • PLUSSED with pewter star and pistol. This comic is probably the longest western story that Carl Barks ever wrote. Donald quotes classical western movies throughout the story, as being his source of knowledge to guide his actions. In this story Donald applies for a job as the Sheriff of Bullet Valley and his nephews plan on helping him despite how dangerous he tells them it is. They investigate the mysterious cattle theft from the Diamond Brand Ranch and find out that the thief is none other than Blacksnake McSquirt. It's a fight to the finish when Donald finally defeats Blacksnake. In "Sheriff of Bullet Valley", Barks caricatured himself on a wanted poster. In an interview by Michael Barrier from May 30, 1971, Barks said: "That caricature originated in the old Disney studio days in the gag sheets that us guys used to draw of each other and circulate around. Some of the guys took to drawing me with this tremendous big schnoz, so I just copied that old caricature."